FREE shipping when you spend over $100


Return Process

  • In order to maintain efficiency, keep you out of the post office and save you the money of having to pay for return shipping, we decided to no longer require returns be sent back.
  • Instead we ask that you gift or donate the unwanted item to a friend or person in need.
  • Please email to alert us of an unwanted item and we will issue a store credit to your account.
  • Email must be sent within 48 hour of receipt and must include the order number. 
  • We will reply within 72 hours with a response, please check spam!
  • In order to prevent any funny business, you may only ask for one store credit a month.
  • Note that if discounts were applied at the time of purchase, those will be factored into the returned store credit. 
  • We are doing our best to include as much sizing information as possible to ensure a proper fit, likewise, please make sure you are in love with the items you are choosing at the time of purchase.