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Behind The Name

Hi everyone! I am Danielle and I'm so excited you found #styledaf! I grew up in Southern California and in 2018, I moved to Austin, Texas with my 2 dogs, Chowder + Crackers. We absolutely love it in Texas and I really feel like I've found myself in Austin. 

Before starting my boutique, I spent most of my twenties climbing the corporate ladder. In 2015, a spark ignited my passion for helping women feel as confident as possible and I spent a few years growing a community on Facebook! It has evolved into a place for women to find confidence through community and fashion. You can join here

In 2019, I decided to take the leap to expand and fully form #styledaf into its own brand. Growing up in Southern California, I grew to love the ease of California style. It always felt effortless, but elevated. After moving, it didn't take long to dig my heels into Texas and start to absorbing the Austin style.

#styledaf By Danielle Amelia is my carefully curated collection of hand picked styles that blend the ease of California with the Texas flair. 

And because I know you're gonna ask, #styledaf has 2 meanings!
Style + my initials

Styled + as f*ck 😜

Thank you for supporting #styledaf By Danielle Amelia.
Love Danielle, Chowder + Crackers